How to compare returns between TokenSets aka Money-Robots

The ultimate guide to help you analyze TokenSets.

This is a follow-up guide to our Set Protocol tutorial.

DISCLOSURE: As always, this is not investment advice. Please do your own research before investing. I am not affiliated with or compensated by featured products.

'Set it n' forget it' sounds cool but you need to understand fundamental differences between each TokenSet in order to pick one, or a mixture of, TokenSet(s) that might fit your investment goals.

For now, TokenSets website only shows ROI (Return On Investment) comparison between ETH and a specific TokenSet at a time.

Compare performance between different TokenSets in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose which TokenSets you want to compare and pick a common starting investment date.

    Its important to understand that your ROI will differ based on when you initially invested. Just because the price of one TokenSet is > another TokenSet, or > ETH, doesnt necessarily mean one is outperforming another. Its all about timing. So in order to construct a viable performance comparison table, youll need to choose the same starting investment date across all compared assets.

    For example: I want to compare returns between ETH+ ETH20SMACO + +ETH50SMACO + ETHMINVOL +ETHHIVOL if invested on September 1st, 2019.

  2. Next, look up and note prices from your starting investment date.

    Continuing our example, on September 1st:

    • ETH = $171.42

    • ETH20SMACO = $265.29

    • ETH50SMACO = $172.11

    • ETHMINVOL = $76.92

    • ETHHIVOL = $108.51

  3. Calculate ROI for each TokenSet + ETH = (Current Price*as of NOV3* - SEPT 1 Price) / SEPT Price. You will be able to view calculated ROIs for all TokenSet on one screen and easily distinguish top performing TokenSets.

    • ETH +6.74% =($182.98 - $171.42)/$171.42

    • ETH20SMACO -22.94% =($204.44 - $265.29)/$265.29

    • ETH50SMACO -23.36% =($131.90 - $172.11)/$172.11

    • ETHMINVOL +4.17% =($80.13 - $76.92)/$76.92

    • ETHHIVOL +2.25% =($110.95 - $108.51)/$108.51

    Even though ETH20SMACOs current price is higher than both ETH and ETHMINVOL, if you invested on September 1st, it was actually one of the worst performing TokenSets with a -22.94% return. Furthermore, simply holding ETH wouldve been your best bet during this time-frame.

So as you can probably begin to notice, you have to play around with different time-frames and analyze how each TokenSet is performing during various market conditions.

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