No Code at ETH Denver.

Calling all entrepreneurs, designers, and new-to-crypto developers. The No Code Workshop series has been created to empower EVERYONE to simplify the process of building with web3. This is the way that One Million Devs will happen!

Saturday Schedule

1130–1215: Building with Money Legos by Abridged.

1215–1245: General Unipool Zap by DeFiZap.

1245–1330: Building Web3 Front end with Dapphero.

1400–1500: BUIDL Like a Boss: Integration 101 with EventFlow by Buidlhub.

This is real money legos yall!

Learn about the teams and products making blockchain development accessible to EVERYONE. 👇

Abridged Money Legos 1130–1215

James Young, Eric Chung, James Duncan, Alok Tiwari, Johnathan Dunlap

The Money Legos (MoGos) Platform provides a visual development environment for developers and non-developers to drag and drop an application flow using a mixture of web3 and web2 functionality.

Workshop: The Abridged Money Legos workshop will give insight into the tools they used to build the Signal DAO. There will be three lessons to get participants familiar with a variety of basic MetaFlows to do things like:

  • Mint a Personal Token or NFT

  • Integrate a Wyre onramp

  • Create a Uniswap pool

  • Work with interest bearing tokens

  • Build a non-custodial wallet with lightweight account contracts

We’re excited to build with you and hope to enable teams to create amazing prototypes and win some bounties : ).

To participate in the workshop please signup here beforehand. We spin up hosted environments beforehand, and your signup will help us know how many to create!

DeFiZap 1215–1245

Nodar Janashia, Dipesh Sukhani, Suhail Ganji.

DeFiZap provides pre-built gateways which help you get instant access to interesting opportunities in DeFi directly from your wallet. Lending, Staking, Pooling, Leveraged Liquidity Pooling and more…

Workshop: Learn how to spot and implement new use cases in DeFi.

Use Sheets2Site +DeFiZap to build DeFi.Gifts in under an hour.

Use Glideapps + Google Sheet scripts to fetch data from Etherscan to build an analytics tool around a specific investment strategy. Example.

Create a Venmo like experience for end users. Here’s an example.

DappHero 1245–1330

Dennison Bertram, Drake Evans

DappHero is a tool designed to provide a single, simple interface to connect any blockchain application to your website with little to no code required.

Workshop: Learn how to build a blockchain powered website using little or no code. This workshop is accessible to people without development experience but will if participants know HTML they will also get a lot from it. We will show how to build a quick but powerful dapp using WebFlow and/or Glitch.

BUIDLHub 1400–1500

Mike Coon, Mitchell Opatowsky

Want more developers to experiment with your project? Tired of dealing with constantly changing APIs?

BUIDLHub offers a low-code/no-code tool to automate decentralized workflows, allowing you to integrate blockchain events in a matter of minutes. It complements no-code dapp development tools.

Use Cases: You could use it to turn dapps into Rest APIs, subscribe to on-chain events, get updates via email or webhook, or wire chatbots to dapps. You’re able to connect your smart contract and scale up your new-developer onboarding process.

Takeaways: Learn about the power of a new paradigm of event-driven infrastructure for the decentralized internet, because One Million Developers is 100% possible.

Many thanks to ETH Denver and the sponsors for making this event a reality!